I am a citizen of the world !!, since 2002, I have been living in Mexico where I graduated in Alternative Tourism. I have been deeply involved in activities regarding nature tourism and other outdoor adventure since I was very young. 


Before moving to Mexico I guided tours in the Venezuelan jungle for bird watching and led long treks.  I love the jungle but my passion is capturing the beauty of the waters of the world.


I was born in a coastal zone in Venezuela and all my life I have had a partnership with the sea.  I learned to dive here in Mexico and after that moment I have been immersed in a world I love and can`t live without !


I have been working as a full time Underwater Photographer and Diving Guide on both coasts of Mexico; in the Caribbean, Pacific and the Sea of Cortez in the Baja Peninsula.


I have been photographing for many years and I have combined my two passions and skills to do what I do now for a living.   I am ready and available to work for projects that allow me to travel, dive and to have unique experiences to photograph and share, I am ready to train you in how to be an amazing underwater photographer saving you the pain of the trial and error process.

info@mysite.com       Tel: 123-456-7890

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