About me - Leonardo Gonzalez

I consider myself a citizen of the world !, since I was very young I have been involved in activities related to nature tourism in different areas, mainly in the jungle and more recently at sea activities. I live in Mexico since 2002, but I am Venezuelan by birth, there from a very early age I was a birding and hiking guide in the rainforest. The jungle and the sea are my two big passions but lately since I discovered diving, the link with the sea has been very strong. All my life I liked taking pictures, but from the moment I started to dive decided that photography had to be part of my life and a vehicle to show the world the beauty of the underwater scenarios where I've been. Although I grew up in a seaside location of Venezuela and next to the forest and the link with the sea has been great, it was not until I came to Mexico that I started to dive, immersing myself into a world that has fascinated me and where I always want to live. I work full time as a dive guide and Photovideographer, I have been fortunate to know many of the best dive sites in the Mexican Caribbean thoroughly, at present am working in one of the most wonderful places in Mexico for diving, Cabo Pulmo National Park in Baja California Sur, also known as the World's Aquarium. Now I have several years photographing and I have managed to combine two things I love and live from them. I am ready and available to work on any project that involves travel, diving and the opportunity to witness incredible shooting and sharing experiences. Also I am at your orders to share what I have learned go through this path with you in the courses and tours of underwater photography I offer.

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